How To Preview Shopping Ads On Google? [Reviewing Ad Appearance]

Navigating Google’s Shopping Ads can feel daunting, especially when it comes to previewing ad appearances. However, with the right tools such as Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, this task becomes a breeze.

This blog post is here to guide you on how to use these tools effectively for better results in your advertising efforts. Get ready to transform your approach while boosting the effectiveness of your Shopping ads!

Key Takeaways

  • Google Product Ratings are stars that appear in shopping ads, showing customers how people like a product before they buy it.
  • There are different ways to get reviews for your shopping ads, such as asking customers directly, using a third-party aggregator, participating in Google Customer Reviews, adding reviews manually, or setting up a Product Ratings feed.
  • Adding product ratings to your shopping ads can help build trust with customers and attract more potential buyers. It’s important to follow best practices like encouraging customers to leave reviews and responding to feedback.

Understanding Google Product Ratings

Google Product Ratings are a feature that allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for products advertised on Google.

What are Google Product Ratings?

Google Product Ratings are stars you see in ads. They tell how people like a product. Stars can be many or few, from one to five. They show up with your product when you put an ad on Google Shopping.

These ratings help shoppers know if a product is good or bad before they buy it. To get these stars, you need to play by certain rules and do some things right. Stars come from reviews that people write about products they bought.

How do Product Ratings work?

Product Ratings on Google work by displaying star ratings next to your shopping ads, providing helpful information to potential customers. These ratings are based on reviews from previous customers who have purchased the product.

To get Product Ratings for your ads, you need to meet certain criteria and guidelines set by Google. By striving to get more reviews and ensuring a positive customer experience, you can enhance the effectiveness of your ads and build trust with shoppers.

The appearance of these ratings in your product listings can make a significant impact on attracting customers and influencing their purchasing decisions.

How are product ratings different from seller ratings?

Product ratings and seller ratings are different in terms of the information they provide.

Product ratings focus on the specific products being sold. They provide customers with an overall rating for a particular product based on reviews and feedback from other customers.

These ratings appear as stars in the product listings, giving shoppers a quick overview of what others think of the product’s quality and performance.

On the other hand, seller ratings are about the sellers themselves. They reflect the overall reputation and customer satisfaction with a particular seller or retailer. Seller ratings take into account factors like shipping speed, customer service, and return policies.

These ratings help customers evaluate whether they can trust a particular seller to deliver a positive shopping experience.

Adding Product Ratings to Your Shopping Ads

To add product ratings to your shopping ads, you have several options including using a third-party aggregator, utilizing Google Customer Reviews, adding reviews manually, or using a Product Ratings feed and matching.

Choosing how to get reviews

To get reviews for your shopping ads on Google, you have different options. Here are some ways to choose from:

  1. Ask customers directly: Reach out to your customers and kindly ask them to leave a review about their shopping experience.
  2. Use a third-party aggregator: Utilize a trusted third-party service that collects and displays customer reviews. This can help you gather more feedback from customers.
  3. Participate in the Google Customer Reviews program: Join this program to collect valuable feedback and display ratings on your ads.
  4. Add reviews manually: If you already have reviews from customers, you can manually add them to your shopping ads.
  5. Set up a Product Ratings feed: Submit a feed of your product ratings to Google Merchant Center for inclusion in your shopping ads.

Using a third-party aggregator

One way to add product ratings to your shopping ads on Google is by using a third-party aggregator. A third-party aggregator is a company or service that collects and aggregates customer reviews from various sources, such as online marketplaces or review sites.

This can be beneficial because it allows you to gather reviews from multiple platforms and display them on your shopping ads. By utilizing a third-party aggregator, you can save time and effort in manually collecting and managing reviews yourself.

It also helps ensure the credibility of the reviews, as they are collected from different sources. When choosing a third-party aggregator, make sure to select one that is trusted and reputable in the industry.

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews is a feature that allows you to collect feedback from customers and display ratings on your shopping ads. By participating in Google Customer Reviews, you can build trust with potential buyers and improve the appearance of your ads.

These reviews appear as star ratings in your product listings, giving shoppers valuable information to help them make informed decisions. To get Google Product Ratings for your ads, it is important to follow the guidelines and criteria set by Google.

Getting more reviews can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your shopping ad campaigns.

Adding reviews manually

To add reviews manually to your shopping ads, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to the “Ads & extensions” section.
  3. Select the campaign you want to add reviews to.
  4. Click on the “Ad extensions” tab.
  5. Choose “Structured snippet extensions” from the drop – down menu.
  6. Click on the blue plus button to create a new extension.
  7. In the “Header” field, enter a title for your review (e.g., “Customer Reviews”).
  8. In the “Values” field, enter the reviews you want to display (e.g., “Great product!”, “Excellent service!”).
  9. You can add up to 10 reviews per structured snippet extension.
  10. If you want to prioritize certain reviews, use the arrows on the right side of each value to reorder them.
  11. Save your changes and make sure your campaign is active for the reviews to appear in your shopping ads.

Product Ratings feed

To add product ratings to your shopping ads on Google, you can use a Product Ratings feed. This feed is a file that contains information about the products you want to advertise, along with their corresponding rating values and review counts.

By providing this information through the feed, Google can display product ratings on your shopping ads. To create a Product Ratings feed, you need to follow the guidelines provided by Google and ensure that your data meets the necessary criteria.

Once the feed is set up correctly, it will enable shoppers to see valuable rating information directly in your product listings, helping them make informed decisions about which products to buy.

Product matching

Product matching is an important step in adding product ratings to your shopping ads. Here’s how it works:

  • You need to provide Google with a unique product identifier for each item in your product feed.
  • Google uses this identifier to match your products with the reviews and ratings from its database.
  • The identifiers can be GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers), MPNs (Manufacturer Part Numbers), or brands and keywords.
  • Make sure that the identifiers you provide in your feed match the ones used by Google’s database.
  • If there’s a mismatch, Google won’t be able to display product ratings for your ads.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Product Ratings

To maximize the effectiveness of your product ratings, diversify your bidding strategy and follow best practices – read on to learn more!

Using product ratings to diversify your bidding strategy

Product ratings can be a valuable tool to diversify your bidding strategy for Google Shopping ads. By considering the ratings and reviews of products, you can adjust your bidding strategy based on the popularity and customer satisfaction of different items.

This can help you prioritize higher-rated products and bid more aggressively on them, increasing their visibility in search results. By incorporating product ratings into your bidding strategy, you can improve the performance of your shopping ads and attract more potential customers.

Best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of product ratings

To maximize the effectiveness of product ratings in your Google Shopping ads, follow these best practices:

  1. Encourage customers to leave reviews: Ask your customers for feedback and reviews after they make a purchase. This will help you gather more ratings for your products.
  2. Respond to reviews: Take the time to respond to customer reviews, both positive and negative. Engaging with customers shows that you care about their feedback and can improve their perception of your brand.
  3. Provide accurate product information: Make sure the information provided in your product listings is accurate and up-to-date. This includes details about features, specifications, pricing, and availability.
  4. Maintain high-quality products: Ensure that the products you offer are of high quality and meet customer expectations. This will result in positive reviews and higher ratings.
  5. Monitor and address negative feedback: Regularly monitor your product ratings and address any negative feedback promptly. This could involve resolving customer issues or improving aspects of your product or service.
  6. Continuously seek improvement: Use customer feedback as an opportunity for improvement. Identify areas where you can enhance your products or services based on the reviews received.
  7. Optimize bidding strategy: Utilize product ratings to diversify your bidding strategy within Google Shopping campaigns. Adjust bids based on the performance of individual products with higher ratings to maximize visibility and conversions.

Benefits of Google Product Ratings

Google Product Ratings provide numerous benefits for businesses, including building trust with customers and enhancing the appearance and performance of shopping ads. Don’t miss out on learning how to maximize the impact of product ratings on your ads! Read more now.

Building trust with customers

Building trust with customers is essential for the success of any business. One effective way to build trust is by displaying Google Product Ratings in your shopping ads. These ratings provide valuable information to shoppers, helping them make informed decisions about their purchases.

When customers see positive ratings and reviews from other buyers, they are more likely to trust your brand and feel confident making a purchase. By actively seeking and encouraging customer feedback, you can increase the number of reviews and improve the overall rating of your products.

This will not only enhance the appearance of your ads but also have a positive impact on your sales performance.

Impact on the appearance and performance of shopping ads

Google Product Ratings have a significant impact on the appearance and performance of shopping ads. These ratings, displayed as stars in your product listings, provide valuable information to shoppers, helping them make informed decisions.

When your shopping ads feature positive reviews and high ratings, it builds trust with customers and increases the chances of them clicking on your ad. In turn, this can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) and better overall ad performance.

By working hard to get more Google Shopping reviews and utilizing strategies like asking customers for feedback, you can improve the appearance of your shopping ads and increase their effectiveness in driving conversions.


Previewing shopping ads on Google is essential for ensuring the appearance and effectiveness of your advertisements. By using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in your Google Ads account, you can review how your ads look to potential customers.

It’s important to maximize the impact of product ratings and utilize customer reviews to build trust with shoppers. With careful attention to ad display and strategic review gathering, you can optimize your shopping campaigns on Google for success.


1. How can I preview shopping ads on Google?

To preview shopping ads on Google, you can use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in Google Ads. Just enter your desired search terms and location to see how your shopping ads appear in different scenarios.

2. Can I preview shopping ads on my mobile device?

Yes, you can preview shopping ads on your mobile device by using the Google Ads app or by accessing the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool through a mobile web browser.

3. What information can I see when previewing shopping ads?

When previewing shopping ads, you can see details such as the ad title, image, price, store name, product rating, and any promotional text that may be included in the ad.

4. Can I make changes to my shopping ads while using the Ad Preview tool?

No, the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool is only for viewing purposes. If you want to make changes to your shopping ads, you will need to access your Google Ads account and make edits there.

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