Comparing the Performance and Services of Google Ads and JustDial

Comparing the Performance and Services of Google Ads and JustDial

Considering the best platform for your digital marketing campaign can be a daunting task. With Search Engine giants like Google Ads and online directories such as JustDial vying for attention, it’s important to make an informed choice.

This article aims to shed light on key performance indicators and services of both platforms, assisting you in making a strategic decision tailored to your needs. Let’s dive in and navigate through our findings together!

Key Takeaways

  • Google Ads receives over 200 billion monthly visits globally, making it the most used search engine in the world., while not as dominant on a global scale, still generates substantial traffic with 65.4 million visits in the last three months.
  • Google Ads has a strong user base in the United States, receiving over 92% of its traffic from this market. attracts visitors primarily from India but also sees users from other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and UAE.
  • The audience demographics for Google Ads and JustDial show variations in gender and age distribution. Google Ads appeals to a broad range of age groups with a relatively balanced gender distribution while JustDial skews slightly towards male users and an older demographic.
  • While both platforms offer advertising services, Google Ads provides more diverse marketing channels including search engine ads, online business listings, and digital advertising services. JustDial focuses primarily on local directory services within India.
  • Integrations are available for Google Ads with tools like Google Analytics and CRM software like Salesforce to enhance campaign performance. JustDial does not have similar advanced integration capabilities.
  • Businesses should consider factors such as pricing flexibility (Google Ads) or cost – effectiveness (JustDial), deployment options (Google offers multiple channels vs. Justdail’s focus on directories), support resources (Google’s extensive documentation vs. no ratings for Justdail), and alternatives when deciding between the two platforms.

Traffic and Engagement Comparison and were compared in terms of their traffic and engagement over the past three months.

Total visits last 3 months

Reviewing the total visitation data over the past 3 months, there is a significant difference between the two platforms, and On one hand,, being the world’s most used search engine, amasses an overwhelming number of monthly visits. On the other,, specifically prominent in India, also generates substantial traffic, showing its prominence in its local market.

Platform Total Visits (Last 3 Months) Over 200 billion 65.4 million

The data above reveals the scale and reach of, a testament to its global dominance. However,’s performance shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly considering its regional market focus. The strategic use of both platforms can provide businesses with effective results, leveraging Google’s reach for global exposure and JustDial’s local dominance for targeted marketing within India.

Traffic share by country: vs. and are two popular platforms that attract online traffic from around the world. When comparing their traffic share by country, it is evident that holds a dominant position. According to recent data, receives over 92% of its total traffic from the United States alone. This indicates a strong user base in the US market for Google Ads.

On the other hand, experiences a more diverse distribution of traffic across several countries. While India accounts for the majority of its visitors with approximately 97%, it also attracts users from other regions such as Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These numbers emphasize JustDial’s significance in catering to local Indian businesses seeking online exposure.

In summary, while both JustDial and Google receive substantial amounts of traffic, there is a notable difference in their regional markets. With its global presence and dominance primarily in the US market, Google Ads offers businesses wide reach potential. Alternatively, JustDial’s stronghold lies within India but still manages to attract international attention through its localized services.

Audience demographics comparison (gender distribution, age distribution)

The audience demographics for Google Ads and JustDial show some interesting differences. When comparing gender distribution, Google Ads attracts a relatively balanced audience, with 51% male users and 49% female users. On the other hand, JustDial has a slightly higher male user representation at 54%, while female users account for 46%. In terms of age distribution, Google Ads appeals to a broad range of age groups, with the largest segment being between 25-34 years old (33%) followed by 35-44 years old (24%). Conversely, JustDial’s user base skews slightly older, with the highest proportion falling in the age group of 35-44 years old (36%), followed by those aged 45-54 years old (22%). These variations in demographics can be crucial factors for businesses deciding which platform aligns best with their target audience.

Marketing Channels Comparison and have different marketing channel distribution strategies, which can impact their reach and audience targeting.

Marketing channels distribution: vs. and have distinct marketing channel distributions. primarily focuses on online directory services, connecting businesses and users through its platform. On the other hand, offers a wide array of marketing channels, including search engine advertising, online business listings, and digital advertising services. This allows advertisers to reach their target audience through various platforms and mediums. With Google Ads partners in Delhi and a strong presence worldwide, Google’s extensive network provides advertisers with far-reaching exposure for their campaigns. Additionally, Google Ads offers integrated features like ad targeting options and ROI measurement tools to optimize campaign effectiveness. In contrast, relies heavily on local search services within India but lacks similar advanced advertising capabilities.

Service Comparison has an average rating of 25, while Google Ads does not have any ratings yet.

Average ratings (Justdial: 25 Ratings, Google: 0 Ratings)

JustDial currently boasts an average rating of 25, highlighting the satisfaction of its users with the platform’s services. On the other hand, Google Ads has yet to receive any ratings, leaving its performance in terms of user satisfaction uncertain. These average ratings provide valuable insight into the perceived quality and reliability of each platform, guiding businesses when choosing between JustDial and Google Ads for their advertising needs.


Google Ads offers seamless integrations with various digital platforms and tools to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. With Google Analytics integration, users can gain valuable insights into their ad performance, track conversions, and optimize their strategies accordingly. Moreover, Google Ads also integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce, allowing businesses to streamline their lead generation and management processes. Additionally, Google Ads provides integration options with third-party optimization tools for bid management, keyword research, and competitor analysis to further improve ROI and campaign performance. These integrations empower advertisers with comprehensive data analysis capabilities and enable them to make informed decisions based on real-time data from multiple sources.

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Pricing details

Google Ads offers a flexible pricing structure, allowing advertisers to choose between several bidding options, such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). The actual cost depends on factors like the competitiveness of keywords and targeting settings. It’s important to note that Google Ads operates on an auction-based system, where advertisers bid for ad placements, so prices can vary. JustDial, on the other hand, doesn’t provide specific pricing details on their website. However, they do mention that businesses can choose from different advertising packages based on their requirements. To get accurate pricing information for JustDial’s services, it’s recommended to contact their sales team directly.

Deployment options

Google Ads offers a variety of deployment options to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. One option is Search Network, where ads are displayed alongside search results on Google’s search engine. Another option is Display Network, which allows you to reach potential customers through visually appealing display ads across a network of websites and apps. Additionally, there’s Video campaigns that enable you to showcase your brand through engaging video ads on YouTube and other partner sites. Lastly, Google Ads also offers App campaigns for driving app installs or engagements.

JustDial, on the other hand, focuses more on providing online directory services rather than offering different deployment options like Google Ads does. However, businesses can utilize JustDial by creating an online listing page with detailed information about their products or services and connecting with potential customers in their local area.

These deployment options provided by Google Ads give businesses flexibility in reaching their target audience through various channels such as search engines, websites/apps, videos, and mobile apps. On the other hand, JustDial primarily serves as an online directory platform for businesses seeking local visibility but may not offer as many diverse advertising channels compared to Google Ads.

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Support and training

Google Ads offers comprehensive support and training resources to help users optimize their ad campaigns. They provide a dedicated support team that is available via phone, email, or chat, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed. Additionally, Google Ads provides a vast library of online documentation and tutorials that cover everything from campaign setup to advanced optimization techniques. They also offer certifications and training programs through the Google Ads Academy, allowing users to enhance their advertising skills and stay up-to-date with industry best practices. With Google’s robust support and training resources, advertisers can feel confident in their ability to navigate the platform effectively and achieve their marketing goals.

Alternatives Comparison

The article explores various alternatives to JustDial and highlights the competitors in the industry that businesses can consider for their online advertising needs.

Justdial alternatives

Looking for alternatives to JustDial? Consider the following options:

  • Google My Business: This free tool from Google allows businesses to create a listing and manage their online presence. It offers features like customer reviews, business information updates, and analytics.
  • Yellow Pages: A popular online directory that provides business listings across various industries. It offers an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive search capabilities.
  • Yelp: Known for its extensive collection of customer reviews, Yelp can help businesses gain visibility and build their reputation. It also offers advertising options for enhanced exposure.
  • Bing Places for Business: Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places allows businesses to create a local listing on Bing’s search engine. It provides essential information like contact details, operating hours, and customer reviews.
  • A platform that focuses on connecting consumers with local businesses. It offers advertising solutions and helpful features like mobile optimization and lead generation.

Alternatives to Justdial

If you’re considering alternatives to JustDial, here are some options you might want to explore:

  1. Google My Business: With a vast user base and extensive reach, Google My Business is an excellent alternative to JustDial. It allows businesses to create and manage their online profiles, making it easier for customers to find them through Google search results.
  2. Yelp: Yelp is a popular online directory that helps users find local businesses based on reviews and ratings. It offers features like business listings, customer reviews, and advertising opportunities, making it a great choice for businesses looking to boost their online presence.
  3. Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages is a trusted name in the business directory space. It provides a comprehensive database of businesses across various industries, allowing users to easily find contact information, maps, and customer reviews.
  4. Bing Places for Business: Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places for Business enables businesses to manage their online presence on Microsoft’s search engine. By creating a listing on Bing Places, businesses can enhance their visibility among Bing’s user base.
  5. Zomato: While primarily known as a restaurant discovery platform, Zomato also offers online business listings for various categories such as hotels, cafes, bars, and more. For businesses in the food and hospitality industry, Zomato can be an effective alternative to JustDial.

Competitors in the industry

There are several competitors in the industry that provide similar services to Google Ads and JustDial. These competitors include:

  1. Yelp: Known for its extensive business directory, Yelp offers users the ability to search for local businesses and read reviews from other customers.
  2. Bing Ads: Microsoft’s advertising platform, Bing Ads, allows businesses to display ads on the Bing search engine results pages (SERPs) and partner sites.
  3. Yellow Pages: A well-known directory service, Yellow Pages helps users find local businesses by category or location.
  4. Facebook Ads: While primarily a social media platform, Facebook offers an advertising service that allows businesses to target specific demographics and reach their target audience.
  5. TripAdvisor: Focused on travel and tourism businesses, TripAdvisor provides a platform for users to read reviews, compare prices, and book accommodations.
  6. Similar to JustDial, is an online directory that connects users with local businesses in their area.
  7. Angie’s List: Focusing on home services such as contractors and plumbers, Angie’s List provides user reviews and ratings to help consumers make informed decisions.
  8. Superpages: Another online directory service, Superpages allows users to search for local businesses by category or location.
  9. HomeAdvisor: Targeting homeowners looking for home improvement services, HomeAdvisor connects consumers with trusted professionals in their area.
  10. Citysearch: Providing information on local businesses, events, and entertainment options, Citysearch helps users discover what’s happening in their city.


In conclusion, when comparing the performance and services of Google Ads and JustDial, it is clear that Google Ads offers a more robust platform with advanced tracking and analysis capabilities.

With its vast reach and audience targeting options, businesses can optimize their advertising campaigns for maximum results. On the other hand, JustDial lacks in terms of reviews and integrations but may be more cost-effective for certain local businesses.

Ultimately, it is important to evaluate your specific goals and target audience before deciding which platform to use for digital marketing efforts.


1. How does the performance of Google Ads compare to JustDial?

Google Ads is a highly popular and widely used advertising platform that allows businesses to display ads across various Google platforms, including search results and websites. JustDial, on the other hand, is an online directory service that connects users with local businesses. While both platforms offer advertising opportunities, Google Ads tends to have a wider reach and more advanced targeting options compared to JustDial.

2. What services are offered by Google Ads?

Google Ads offers a range of advertising services, including search ads (text-based ads displayed in search engine results), display ads (image or video-based ads shown across websites and apps), video ads (ads played before or during videos on YouTube), shopping ads (product listings shown alongside search results), and more. These services allow businesses to reach their target audience effectively.

3. What are the advantages of using JustDial for advertising?

One advantage of using JustDial for advertising is its focus on connecting users with local businesses. For businesses targeting a specific geographic area or looking for localized visibility, JustDial can be useful as it provides listings based on user location. Additionally, some users may prefer using directories like JustDial when searching for local products or services.

4. Can I use both Google Ads and JustDial simultaneously for my business?

Yes, it’s possible to utilize both Google Ads and JustDial simultaneously for your business’s advertising strategy. In fact, leveraging multiple platforms can help you reach a broader audience while targeting different segments effectively. However, it’s important to carefully plan and optimize each campaign based on the unique features and strengths of each platform.

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